Need a new deck?  Architectural Design

The addition of a new deck to a house, or the replacement of an older deck can be quickly implemented at a relatively low cost, and offer years of outdoor enjoyment.  I used to have a deck building company in Northern Virginia thirty years ago. The examples shown in the slide show below are from that time.  Lately, I've been designing more higher end houses, but that market has shrunk considerably in the 2009-2010 recession.  Accordingly, I thought I would re-emphasize my earlier business.  

Early Decks   This is a slideshow which cycles thru several deck designs.  Later Decks

Decks are fun to design, and they offer clients a great deal of satisfaction at a fairly low cost.  Keep in mind that cost is always relative to an individual; is based on a number of factors; is determined solely by the contractor; and is agreed to by the client in the final analysis.  My job is to design a deck for you that you want; your job is to afford it.

The materials used, and the size and complexity of the design are the key factors for predicting cost.  I think the absolute best decking material is ipe wood, but it is very expensive.  Most decks are made of regular pressure treated pine, but there are other options.   Redwood and cedar are very nice woods used over a pressure treated pine sub-structure.  It is also possible to get locust and other locally grown species.   

Of course, hot tubs, stone faced grilles, covered porches, frog ponds, and a host of other features can be included in a "deck" project.  I can help you with all of this, because often the deck oozes into the landscape.  I will discuss planting in general, but not in specifics.  I will generally design swimming pools, but will work with the pool contractor on the detailed implementation of the general design.

The local hardware stores have a number of books on decks; there are plenty of pictures in the magazines; you can also take pictures of decks you like; There's many a good source of ideas.  What I'll do is work with you to take the various things you like and combine them into a deck that is customized to your house.  Naturally, I expect to get paid for my work, which is done on an hourly basis.  If you wish to proceed further, send me an email, without attachments, and tell me about a page's worth regarding your project.  Be sure to include some kind of estimate about your budget.  I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.